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Tourist deaths outside of the U.S.
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Hunter's Travel Watch is a new site, which was founded in 2007 after the tragic accidental death of Hunter Berry in Playa Del Carmen, which sadly may have been prevented.  Please read on.  It could save someone's life.


Our main objective is to be a NON PROFIT Informative Travel Site that assists travelers in finding not only great travel destinations, but more importantly with a focus on safety. We want our travelers to be aware of popular travel areas, their medical personnel, nearby hospitals and medical equipment available in the ambulances as well as at the resort, the levels of resort staff medical training, building codes and security, as well as the local police.

In order to achieve this, Hunter's Travel Watch depends on our members input though our Travel Watch Forums and by submitting Travel Watch Reviews.  Along with our membersí input, Hunter's Travel Watch staff will be researching travel destinations, travel reviews and credible news articles constantly to keep our viewers updated.  So come back and visit often to find out new and important information, and please pass the information along to your loved ones.  You could save a life.

Hunter's Travel Watch will constantly be looking for ways to improve our site. If you have any comments or would like to join our staff, please contact us. Thank you for visiting.